“Our experience with ETI Digital Technology is beyond excellent. They are super friendly, very knowledgeable and have excellent communications.  We can rely on them for anything.  I strongly recommend anyone to call or visit them if you have any questions regarding CAD/CAM system.” 

 – Naomi Murphy, President of World Lab USA (Irvine, California)

“Since the addition of the Roland DWX-4 Milling Machine to our dental laboratory, we have increased our lab’s output without adding more employees and offer more and better prostheses. It has allowed us to compete with the big labs but still able to maintain customer attention.  With UNIQUE CAM & DWX-4 Milling Machine, we are capable of providing a variety of restorations for our clients in the fraction of the time it would have taken by conventional methods.  As a lab owner and a technician, I was used to 12-hour days, but this has enabled me and my technicians to do the same work in half the time.  We now have more time to enjoy life and spend more time with our families outside of the laboratory.  This new digital workflow has opened many doors and opportunities we could only dream about just a couple of years ago.” - Vache Hacopian, Owner of Remedy Dental Studio Inc. (Los Angeles, California)

“We use ETI Digital Technology because they provide great customer service and great quality products. We like using the die stones because it is tough and provides accuracy when pouring models. Thank you, ETI, for providing great products and great customer service.  Our Roland DWX-4 milling machine is a great machine for our production too!”

– Dr. Paul Chang, Owner of Mountain Dental Laboratory (Upland, California)

“We are extremely pleased with ETI Digital Technology’s overall customer service as purchasing our complete CAD/CAM system has been a life & game changer for us!   We can literally mill everything we want in-house, everything from their Dental Wings 7Series Scanner to the Roland DWX-50 milling machine with Unique CAM software has been extremely wonderful.  We’ve been wanting to get into CAD/CAM for a long time and our purchase from ETI Digital Technology was one of the best decisions that we’ve made for our laboratory’s overall production and growth.  Thank you, ETI Digital!  We cannot ask for more on the products that we had purchased and the continual customer support that we receive!” – Mark Edwards, Owner of Main Street Dental Laboratory (Hiawassee, Georgia)

“I recently purchased the Roland DWX-50 Milling Machine with Unique CAM from ETI Digital Technology.  I was very pleased with the service and assistance I received from Valerie Poon and John Just, who have been instrumental in allowing us to take the next step in Dental Technology.  The Unique CAM software was so easy to install and learn that we were up and running within a few hours of unpacking our DWX-50.” - Robert Corwin, Owner of Professional Dental Ceramics (Arvada, Colorado)

“When I decided to get into the digital side of dental lab work I knew nothing about computers and CAD/CAM systems.  The one thing I did know was that if I didn't learn about it, I was going to experience a slow death in my lab business.  My biggest concern was that whoever I purchased the equipment from needed to service me from across the Pacific Ocean, as I am located in Hawaii.  Boy, am I glad I went through Steve Young and his staff at ETI!  They are always there when I need help with questions about designing and running the equipment, and they have patiently spent weeks with me, to get me up and running.  If anyone out there is interested in purchasing CAD/CAM equipment AND great technical support…ETI, ETI, ETI…that's the ticket!!!!!"– Eric Hoota, Owner of Hoota Dental Lab (Hilo, Hawaii)


“ETI Digital Technology has the best service in the industry, and Valerie is the number one salesperson!  The support from the ETI Digital Technology team never changed from before we bought the milling machine and after we paid in full on the DWX-50 milling machine complete package. The service and support is always reliable.  Thank you, Valerie!  ETI Digital has a very knowledgeable team and we are very happy with everything, including the Roland DWX-50 Milling Machine, Vacuum unit and the outstanding customer service from ETI Digital.   Valerie provides fantastic support and service and she does an excellent job as their Sales and Marketing Supervisor.  No question on the support, before purchase and after purchase, at all.  ETI Digital Technology is highly recommended by Niko Dental Lab!"  – Tony Guo, Owner of Niko Dental Lab (Fremont, California)

“My experience with ETI has far exceeded the predictions of a large dental company who advised me that ‘I would deeply regret going with a smaller company.  I would be cast adrift after purchase, and left to figure out how to address technical issues which would undoubtedly arise.’  Nothing could be further from the truth.  ETI assisted me, and still does, with every conceivable aspect of scanner/mill purchase, installation, operation, and education.  My Dental Wings Scanner and Unique CAM software performs beautifully, as does my DWX-4 milling machine.  I called several labs to get unbiased opinions prior to purchase and I was consistently told that the marginal integrity was amazing on the milled restorations.  It's true.  I anxiously await new hybrid materials, which will revolutionize the ability to deliver high quality restorations quickly.  Like really, really fast!  Technical support is a phone call away with TeamViewer and ETI staff remotely navigating my scanner and mill if I get stuck.  Customer service is fast, friendly, and efficient.  This company is really on top of their game.  I laugh about the dire predictions from the "big guys" and pretty much think I'd be adrift had I gone with them.” - Shelley McDonald, Owner of Juniper Studios Laboratory (Reno, Nevada)


“Nearing 60 years of age and not being the biggest ‘computer person’ I was slightly nervous about getting into digital technology.  The team at ETI got me over that hurdle in a day and a half of training.  I found the ETI Digital Technology team to be friendly and knowledgeable. The people and the package they have put together made the training fun and easy!  I bought the entire package from scanning to sintering.  When I got home and set up the equipment, I called them and they had me running within the hour.  Their service after the sale is second to none.  They are always there when I call and they always have the answers to my questions or the materials I need to purchase.  I purchased the Dental Wings 3Series Scanner, the Roland DWX-4 Milling Machine, Vacuum System and the Zircom Sintering furnace.  I am very satisfied with the entire package!   I'm doing at least double the work I had anticipated and will have my equipment paid for in about a year and a half.  I never thought there was a machine and software that could do the margin as well as I could wax and cast one myself..  I was wrong!” – Charles Martin, Owner of Pacific Dental Prosthetics (Lake Havasu City, Arizona)

“It has been great to bring digital technology as an addition to our lab and as a lab partner with ETI Digital Technology.” – Danny Jue, Owner of D&J Dental Laboratory (Buena Park, California)

“My Roland DWX-4 milling machine with Unique CAM Software is running very well, in fact it is more accurate than I had thought it would be.  I am very happy with my purchase and with ETI Digital Technology’s customer support.”

– Pablo Rodriguez, Owner of Milpitas Dental Lab (Milpitas, California)

“I really did my homework before deciding to purchase Dental Wings 7Series Scanner and Roland DWX-50 Milling machine and Unique CAM Software from ETI.  We love the warm technical support that we receive as well as the business model that ETI Digital Technology and ETI Empire Direct has.  John was amazing with helping us set-up our equipment (and Maxine is even better looking!).  Valerie is the main reason that I chose to go with DWOS and Roland, as she took her time to inform me of all the details of their equipment, as well as other competitors out there.  After all of my research, Valerie’s information was very accurate, whereas others flat out lied to me!  Dental Wings and Roland are superior to all in the industry! Oh and Sarah is the wonderful voice that answers the phones and gets you where you need to go very efficiently :}" - Jennifer Nicol, Laboratory Manager of Crown Dental Studio (Concord, California)



"I chose to purchase my Dental Wings 7Series Scanner from ETI Digital Technology for two reasons. First, because of my experience.  I knew them well; I had been doing business with ETI and Steve Young for more than 20 years.  Secondly, I knew that when he pledged that the training and customer support I would receive from his team would be second to none, he really followed through with his words.  ETI has their finger on the pulse when it comes to digital technological advancements.  I plan to draw on their knowledge, and together, we will all raise the level of care for the patients we directly or indirectly serve..." – David Weber, Owner of Sun Implant Specialists, LLC (Ashland, Oregon)

“We came into this business blind, not knowing what was ahead, but you pointed us in the right direction and gave us a better idea of what was to come.  We are extremely grateful for that and we look forward to working with you in the future.” 
Augie Lerch and Garrett Woodworth, owners at ThreeD Smiles located in Tucson, AZ

"We cannot wait until the digital lab is up and running. We are so grateful, that you have provided us with great customer support when we needed it the most. We value vendor-costumer communication, especially, when our laboratory equipment requires intricate technical details to work properly. Our program must have it a synchronized working equipment at all times in order for us to provide high quality education to our Dental Laboratory students. We appreciate that you took the time to inform us of any news regarding our equipment and supplies. On behalf of the Department of Restorative Dentistry, thank you!"
Elizabeth Constan, AA, AS, CDT
Department Technician
Department of Restorative Dentistry | Division of Health Sciences |Pasadena City College

"My experience at ETI Digital Technology has been EXCELLENT!! Before purchasing my
CAD/CAM equipment through them, I had zero experience with anything digital. Guided by their wonderful, patient Customer Support Staff and their extensive knowledge of CAD/CAM, I am running a crown and bridge “DIGITAL”. They have went above and beyond all my expectations. Thank you so much, ETI DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY!!!"

– Alex Kim, Pioneer Dental Lab, Inc. (located in Milpitas, CA)

"Can I just say even through this pandemic, your entire ETI Digital team has been so great to us?  We've just had to buy another 52D from ETI again, because our lab is growing and well, we need it but you are always so helpful and provide me the answers and support that we always need, since the very first Roland mill that I bought from you years ago.   I tell all of my colleagues and friends about how awesome ETI is and they should buy everything from you all because no other company compares even close to the way you all provide support!"
Beau at Canyon Cove Dental Lab

(located in Salem, Utah) (06/23/2020)

"Since the first time that I came in contact with ETI Technology, I was extremely impressed with the level of professionalism and customer service.  In my 20+ years of being an owner of a dental laboratory, I can't think of a company who has shown more care about my laboratory.  Whenever I needed your help, you've always shown the same urgency as I do.  It's like you are also the owner of this laboratory.  I can truly feel like you are my partner who shared the same interest and goal as I do.  For that, I want to thank you for all you have done for my business.  I would definitely tell everyone I know about your company and share the joy that I have while working with you.  To everyone at ETI, thank you very much."
Jack Ho, C.D.T.

Complete Dental Technologies (located in La Habra, CA)

(Purchased Roland DWX-42W Wet Milling Machine)

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