ETI is made up of three divisions:  ETI Empire Direct, ETI Global and ETI Digital Technology.  Located in Anaheim, California, ETI has been in business for 30+ years and manufactures and distributes a variety of dental products including Optic™ Scanning Stone.  Underscoring its commitment to advanced dental technology, ETI launched a new CAD/CAM division called ETI Digital Technology partnering with Medit (desktop & IO scanners), Exocad Software, Dental Wings, Roland DGA, Stratasys and CIMsystem MillBox CAM Software.  With Medit's T710, T7510, T310 and i500 IO scanners and Exocad Open CAD software, Roland’s outstanding DWX dental series of milling machines and MillBox innovative CAM software, ETI truly provides the most advanced “state of the art” digital technology.  


ETI Digital Technology is the only distributor that sells, trains and supports the combination of the leading manufacturers like Medit, Exocad CAD, Roland, MillBox CAM Software, and Stratasys in the U.S.  In addition to our strategic partners, ETI Digital is equally proud of our training and after-sale support department.  Our Director of Sales and Operations, Valerie Poon and our entire team bring more than 50+ years combined of lab technology experience as we've worked with numerous CAD/CAM systems for over 10 years.  Our whole team cares about every dental laboratory that comes on board with us.  They are not identified as a customer number or a dongle number—they are truly our “Lab Partners.”


We have a philosophy that it does not matter how large the lab is or how much they purchase—what matters is they know they have received the best deal, training, customer service, materials and technical support from their supplier.  We will help resolve our partner labs’ current issues whatever they may be.  In fact, ETI Digital Technology is more concerned about post-purchase support than about the original sale.  That is how their core business at ETI Empire Direct has made it work so well for so long- giving superior products with superior service and support only a phone call away and delivered direct to the laboratory.  ETI Digital Technology strives to be your “Complete Source for the Future.”

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Steve Young


Valerie Poon

Director of Sales
& Operations

Jason Liebes

General Manager

Sara Pettigrew

Front Office Administrative

Christine Taon

Marketing Assistant

Maxine Bomboy

Customer & Technical Support Supervisor

Howard Kim

Digital Lab


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For ETI Digital Technology’s online demonstrations and technical support, please call us at (714) 238-1490 and a Session ID will be provided to you for the proper remote connection with our team. Technical support is available Monday - Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM PST.

955 North Shepard Street

Anaheim, CA 92806

Direct #: 714-238-1490

Toll-Free #: 800-451-7778


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