3 Series Highlights

  • High precision scanning of models (including wax-ups)

  • On-board computer with 64-bit processor

  • High productivity through automatic scan and design wizards

  • High capacity scan and design for dies: 12 copings in 10 minutes

  • Simultaneous opposing arch design

  • Included application: DWOS Crown & Bridge; other applications are optional

  • DWOS Connect for easy clinic-to-lab or lab-to-outsourcing communication

  • Calibration bar for screw-retained bars & bridges (optional)


Dental Wings 7Series

Dental model and impression scanner

As our “all-in-one” system, the 7Series features remarkable scanning versatility, speed and accuracy and comes with a wide range of prosthetic design applications.

High Scanning Performance

Be it a single preparation, a full arch gypsum model or a triple-tray impression, the 7Series efficiently captures clinical data. It scans preparations with excellent marginal integrity, providing precise fit for a wide variety of dental indications. Specifically for Screw Retained Bars and Bridges (SRBB), we have developed a certified scanning workflow.


The scanning performance of the 7Series is the result of a combination of years of mechanical engineering experience with state-of-the-art technology components. The optical set-up, running with five axes of freedom and two high-speed cameras, gives access to a superior scanning volume (140 mm x 140 mm x 140 mm) with a high degree of accuracy. The scan chamber is large enough for fully articulated models.

Design-ready for several dental indications

The 7Series is ready for receiving digital impressions from clinics and for complete in-lab digital workflow. As it includes a versatile DWOS software package, it enables the dental technician to design crowns & bridges, partial frameworks, screw-retained bars & bridges, implant abutments, and more. Virtual models can be generated from impression scans and output for fabrication.

The 7Series highlights

  • High precision scanning of both models and impressions

  • On-board computer with 64-bit processor

  • High productivity through automatic scan and design wizards

  • High capacity scan and design for dies: 30 copings in 15 minutes

  • Easy clinic-to-lab or lab-to-outsourcing communication with DWOS Connect

  • SAM® SE articulator included

  • Certified scan workflow for screw-retained bars & bridges (optional)

  • Certified by 3M ESPE, Straumann and Dentsply Implants

Included applications

- DWOS Implant Prosthetics
- DWOS Crown & bridge
- DWOS Partial Frameworks
- DWOS Model Builder

Optional applications

- DWOS Full Dentures
- DWOS Bite Splints
- DWOS Orthodontic Archiving
- DWOS Rapid Prototyping

New Virtuo Vivo™
Intraoral Scanner

Create lasting impressions.
For dental professionals who want to benefit from the advantages of digital dentistry, Virtuo Vivo™ is the indisputable option for fast, accurate, and powder-less intraoral scanning in real color.

Unsurpassed scanning action and real-time digital results.

This 3D scanning technology packs the power of four miniaturized cameras and one projector into a small and lightweight handpiece. Virtuo Vivo™ provides real color scanning to optimize communication between dentist and patient, and for easier margin line marking.


Replace unpleasant dental impressions with highly-accurate digital data acquired quickly and easily.

Designed to address the needs of dental professionals looking for an intuitive technology for capturing digital impressions while keeping the focus on the patient rather than the technology.

Resembling a standard dental tool, the lightweight handpiece ensures unparalleled patient comfort and allows you to assume a natural position relative to your patient when scanning.


Removable & autoclavable tips.

Easy interchangeability of the tips reduces patient turnaround time.


Real color scanning and increased field and depth of view.

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Dental Wings 3Series

Dental Model Scanner

The 3Series is a compact 3D scanner embedded with a powerful computer and offered in flexible CAD configuration. Designed to evolve with the growing needs of laboratories, the 3Series is an affordable solution to which additional DWOS® applications can be added any time.

A customizable & affordable Lab system

The 3Series is an entry level plaster model scanner delivered with the DWOS crown and bridge application as basic configuration. It offers the ultimate flexibility for the lab wishing to embrace CAD/CAM technology at its own pace, while keeping costs to a minimum. As the business grows and requirements expand, complementary applications can be installed as needed.


The 3Series scanner is a compact device with cutting-edge technology for desktop use. Powered by a 64-bit processor and a high-speed measuring camera, it rapidly produces high quality scans of full arch models and wax-ups within a 90 mm x 90 mm x 90 mm chamber.


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